Hikaru Seino and MEGUMI, HANANINGEN (Flower-Human) Collaboration


Hikaru Seino × MEGUMI

Flower Artist Hikaru Seino and MEGUMI, a multi-talented actress and TV personality, have collaborated on a new art photo shooting.

In response to the spread of the COVID-19, Hikaru Seino, temporarily returned to Japan to work in his home country. His photoshoot with MEGUMI, which is widely involved in the world of art drew a lot of attention.

HANANINGEN (Flower-human) is a group of florists who will create a country that loves flowers more than any other in the world, and deliver a message of peace of mind to society through flowers.

By creating a relationship with nature once again, we can reevaluate the value of nature, the value of things, and the value of people all over the world.
And by touching plants that we are not usually interested in and continuing to pass on the value of nature, we learn the principles of nature, the energy that people have, the preciousness of the existence of the earth, and broaden our minds eye to see the wonderful world.

Hikaru Seino solo exhibition in Omotesando Spiral & interview article

The collaborative works were also exhibited at Hikaru Seino’s solo exhibition held at Spiral in Omotesando, Tokyo.
An interview about the photoshoot and Hikaru Seino’s journey to becoming a flower artist is also available below.

Japanese Flower Artist Hikaru Seino

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