Hikaru Seino × Noh Actor Reijiro Tsumura with Kagei Masayuki and an AINU Singer.


Hikaru Seino × Reijiro Tsumura

A collaboration between floral artist Hikaru Seino and Reijiro Tsumura, one of Japan’s leading Noh performers, has been realized.
Reijiro Tsumura, who received an installation from Hikaru Seino’s work “Symbolic Fossil,” created the work and danced it himself. The video work by these two interdisciplinary artists will make you think about what is truly important in this world. It is a five-minute film that will make you think once again from the bottom of your heart.

Flower Artist : Hikaru Seino(GANON FLORIST, HANANINGEN)
Noh Actor : Reijiro Tsumura
AINU Singer : Yoko Toyokawa
Composer : Masayuki Kagei MatatabiRecords

Noh actor Reijiro Tsumura

Representative of the Kanze School Ryokusenkai.
Holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property (Nohgaku Sogo).

Reijiro Tsumura studied under Kazuko Tsumura, the founder of women’s Noh, and became a master of the Kanze school in 1969. In 1974, he became the head of the Midorizumi-kai. In addition to performing classical Noh, he has worked as a teacher to train the next generation. He has also collaborated with artists of other genres, created new Noh pieces, and has worked with dancers such as Alessio Silvestrin and Kaiji Moriyama, and has performed overseas in England, Belgium, Spain, Singapore, Sweden, Norway, and many other countries.

Hikaru Seino and Reijiro Tsumura Live tolk / SPIRAL TOKYO 2021
Hikaru Seino and Reijiro Tsumura Live tolk / SPIRAL TOKYO 2021
Japanese artist

Japanese traditional Noh playing

Noh play is also called ‘traditional masked dance-drama. Noh actors wear masks during the play. Many of the Noh stories tend to be tragedies. On the other hand, in Kyogen, actors do not wear masks during the play. Many of the Kyogen stories are based on the daily lives of average people. And they tend to be a comedy.

Flower Artist Hikaru Seino × Choreographer Shintaro Hirahara

A collaboration with choreographer Shintaro Hirahara was unveiled at Spiral, Omotesando, Tokyo on October 8, 2021. Hirahara, who also choreographed and danced in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Tokyo Olympics, OrganWorks, and other professional dancers created a contemporary work inspired by symbolic fossils.
The Ainu singer Yoko Toyokawa also joined the music composed by Masayuki Kagei and Hikaru Seino, who also composed the music for the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, in a song that invites the viewer into a world of tradition, history, and nature.

Hikaru Seino
Contemporary dance
Tokyo gallery
Spiral tokyo

Other information of Hikaru and Reijiro

Hikaru Seino
Hikaru Seino (flower) × Reijiro Tsumura (Noh)

A collaborative work “Hymn to Nature” is an image video by the three members prior to the launch of ART5. Reijiro Tsumura, holder of the important intangible cultural property “Noh”; Ryuhou Hamano, world-renowned calligrapher; Hikaru Seino, flower artist; and TAD, sound artist.

What is ART5 :
Five artists who are active in various countries around the world have come together under the theme of “Hymn to Nature”, transcending the boundaries of artistic fields. The project is scheduled to start in 2022.

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