Grand design becomes life | TEDx Sapporo | Hikaru Seino

GANON FLORIST representative and floral artist Hikaru Seino gave a speech at TEDx Sapporo.

Hikaru Seino created the project “HANANINGEN” from his grand design “to create the most flower-loving country in the world.”

He will talk about his experience of how his grand design changed his life.

He will describe the three principles of his grand design: “goal setting,” “interests and talents,” and “imagining the future,” and explain how he specifically built empathy and connection through flowers.

About Hikaru Seino

 Born in 1987 in Sapporo, Hokkaido. He is a floral artist, composer, photographer, architectural designer, and brand owner based in Tokyo and LA.

While spending his childhood as an underachiever with poor grades in school, he started music as a teenager and made his independent debut as a punk rocker, but felt contradicted as he voiced his dissatisfaction with society, broke up his band, and shut himself away.

After the Great East Japan Earthquake, at the age of 22, he encountered the world of flowers. Convinced that a society with many adults who love flowers and care for nature will be a kind and peaceful society, he began his career as a floral artist to convey the importance of nature.

His activities as a peace advocate have attracted the attention of many top brands and celebrities, including the New Year entrance at Roppongi Hills, a party for Kate Moss, a collaboration with Gaudi’s architecture in Spain, and lectures as a maestro in Europe. In addition, his “HANANINGEN” project, which he started to create a new relationship between flowers and people, has sprouted more than 50,000 people in Japan and abroad, and he is widely known for his works that appeal to peace in society.

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