ASEANTA party decoration 2024 by Hikaru Seino

The ASEANTA (Asian Executive Association Network for Trade and Arts) hosted a special party for elite business and cultural people from Asia.

In May 2024, HIKARU SEINO, an LA-based flower artist born in Sapporo, Japan, had the honor of decorating the party.

Harmony of Nature and Art in Sapporo

Hikaru Seino

The theme of this year’s ASEANTA party was “Harmony of Nature and Art in Sapporo,” Hikaru created unique decorations incorporating the natural beauty of Hokkaido to welcome VIP members from all over the world.

Delphiniums from Hokkaido were used as the main flowers for decoration to represent the rich green of the forests and the blue of the deep sea surrounding Hokkaido.

The flowers were scattered in overflowing profusion throughout the venue, welcoming the guests dining at the venue with their vibrant colors.

HANANINGEN performance

Another highlight of the special night was the live performance of HANANINGEN (Flower Human) by Hikaru Seino.

The music used for the performance was a collaboration between composer Masayuki Kagei and shamisen player NIYA.

Hikaru decorated a model’s head with beautiful Hokkaido flowers.

The venue was filled with a glamorous and elegant atmosphere on the day of the party. Guests were captivated by the fragrance of the flowers as soon as they entered the venue and enjoyed the special atmosphere.

Many people commented that they had never seen such beautiful decorations and were thrilled to see a truly special performance.

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