Floral art for BVLGARI’s new location in California by Hikaru Seino.

South coast plaza

Floral art for BVLGARI’s new location by Hikaru Seino.

If you have ever visited a store of the world-renowned luxury jewelry brand Bvlgari, you have probably been awed by its elegant space and magnificent jewelry.

Hikaru Seino created the art for the new store, which opened in April 2024 at the South Coast and Plaza in California. He is a floral artist from Japan whose delicate and bold art is now attracting attention around the globe.

BVLGARI is a brand known for its luxury and sophistication, and the store’s decoration is an important element that reflects that brand image.

“I was very honored to be asked by BVLGARI to work on this project. It was very exciting to think about the placement of flowers and colors that would enhance the beauty of the jewelry,” said Hikaru.

Theme and Concept

The theme of floral art in Bulgari stores was “The Beauty of Time.” The idea was to express the eternal beauty of Bulgari’s timepieces and jewelry with flowers.

Nature has beauty in every season, which symbolizes the passage of time. I aim to capture and harmonize that essence with BVLGARI’s elegance,” explains Hikaru.

Hikaru Seino’s challenge to continue inspiring people through flowers will continue. We can’t take our eyes off him and wonder how his floral art will continue to fascinate people.

BULGARI Costa Mesa
BULGARI Costa Mesa
BULGARI Costa Mesa
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